3DSL360 SLA 3D Printer

High Precision, High-resolution Output

Applied German fast galvanometer system, Guarantee the uniformity of the light spot and scanning speed.Auto Liquid Level Control, Control the accuracy of the work pieces.

Intelligent Operation Simple & Convenient

Portable detachable mesh board, easy and quick to operate. High degree of automation, 24 hours unattended.

Replaceable Resin Bracket

Replace the resin bracket and you can print different colors and different kinds of resins just with One 3d printer.

Long Storage of Resin

The resin bracket system in Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer is equipped with automatic storage function to ensure that the resin can be stored for a long time without spoiling.

Lifting-type Resin Bracket

Compared with traditional SLA 3D printers, Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer with lifting-type resin bracket is more accurate when controlling liquid level, and more stable when printing.

Scraper with Non-beam Structure

With non-beam structure, Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer can ensure the coating uniformity of the single layer of uncured resin and the forming accuracy of the workpieces.

Vacuum Absorption System

The resin vacuum adsorption system that adopts flexible accumulators can effectively avoid the cured parts being scratched, meanwhile greatly improve the coating uniformity.

Hot Air Heating

Compared with the traditional heating way, the hot air heating system equipped in Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer can control the resin temperature and avoid resin deterioration. In addition, the power consumption becomes lower.

Application Fields

Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer has been widely used in hand molds, auto parts, packaging design, art design, medical and educational research and many other fields.

Hand Molds

Auto Parts

Packaging Design

Art Design



Various Printing Materials

Standard Resin, ABS Photosensitive resin, Heat Resistant Photosensitive Resin, High Toughness Photosensitive Resin, Flexible Photosensitive Resin, Clear Photosensitive Resin, Clear Castable Photosensitive Resin, High Temp Photosensitive Resin.


Basic Parameter

Printing Technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

X/Y Axis Build Size: 450mm(X)×450mm(Y)

Z Axis Build Size: 300mm (standard) / other customized size (50-300mm)

Product Size: 1430*980*1850mm

Product Weight: 1200kg (with 130kg resin)

Print Accuracy: ±0.1mm(L≤100mm)or ±0.1%×L(L>100mm)(Up to 0.05mm)

Heating Style: Hot Air

Maximum Scan Speed: 10m/s

Reference Building Speed: 80~320 g/h

Maximum Build Weight: 60kg

Resin Bracket: Replaceable Resin Bracket

Printing Material:White Resin, High-toughness Resin, Soft Resin, Transparent Resin, Heat
Resisting Resin, Moisture-proof Resin, etc.


Type: Diode-pumped solid-state laser

Wavelength: 355nm

Power: 500mW/1000mW


Process: Intelligent positioning – Vacuum press recoat

Normal Build: 0.1mm

Quick Build: 0.1~0.25mm

Precision Build: 0.03-0.1mm


Scanning Technology: SCANLAB

Focusing Type: F-theta Flat field lens

Beam (diameter@1/e ): 0.10~0.50mm


Position Repeatability: ±0.01mm

Elevator Motor: High Accuracy Servo Motor

Benchmark Platform: Marble benchmark platform


Operating System: WindowsXP/Windows 7

Network: Ethernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3

Control Software: 3DSLCON

Data Interface: SLC file, STL file

Software Function: Automatic generation of scanning paths, Liquid level monitoring & compensation


Power: 200~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 16A

Ambient Temperature: 24-28ºC

Relative Humidity: 20-40%


Laser: 8000 hours or 24 months (whichever comes first)

Main Machine: 24 months from installation date

Wiiboox 3DSL450 Product Video

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