LCD Light 380

Wiiboox Light 380 LCD 3D Printer

Born for Industrial 3D Printing

8 Reasons to Choose the Light 380 LCD

High Precision 4K HD LCD screen for high precision printing

8 times Anti-aliasing. Supports edge anti-aliasing

Fast slicing. Various functions and easy operation

Large Build Volume 15.6” large build volume

High Stability. Auto tilting and efficient release

Batch printing. Many models can be printed at the same time

Auto Feeding. Two resin vats realize auto detection and auto feeding

Resume printing. Recharge resin to resume printing

15.6” Build Volume, Quadruple Speed Batch Printing

The 345*195*380mm super large build volume of the Wiiboox Light 380 LCD 3D Printer not only allows to print more and more creative models, but also can print more models at one time, easy to achieve small batch production.

Two Resin Vats Design, Large Capacity and Auto Feeding

The Wiiboox Light 380 3D Printer equips with two resin vats together with the low liquid level alarming function to realize resin auto feeding and re-charging reminding. You can rest assured when printing large scale models.

4K HD LCD Screen, Rich and Vivid Details

The LCD modeling screen of Wiiboox Light 380 3D Printer with 3840*2160 (4K) super high definition and high light transmittance makes the printing precision up to 0.03mm, which guarantee the perfect display of tiny details and complicated designs.

8 Times Anti-aliasing, Greatly Optimized Model Fineness

The 8 times anti-aliasing optimal setting is defaulted in the Wiiboox Light 380 3D Printer’s slicing software. You can see that the pixel texture is obviously diluted, and model precision is improved by 8 times.

Diluted pixel texture. High precision model

Obvious pixel texture. Low precision model

Auto Tilt Separation, Thorough Release for Better Stability

The larger the forming cross-section is, the greater the release force is. The automatic tilt separation technology of Wiiboox Light 380 can make the light-cured cross-section release smoothly and greatly improve the success rate of printing.

Paralleled Matrix Light Source, Uniform Illumination and Less

The LED matrix light distribution is adopted in the Wiiboox Light 380 LCD 3D Printer. The paralleled light source is concentrated and efficient to make the forming uniform and stable.

User Friendly functions

Easy to Operate and Quick to Master

Born for Industrial 3D Printing.

Details determine quality.

Printing Cases

Model Display

Technical Parameters

Notice: The parameters below are only for your reference

Product Dimensions W520*D500*H675 mm
Package Dimensions W800*D770*H700 mm
Package Weight About 80 kg
Max. Build Volume 345*195*H370 mm (15.6”)
Printing Speed 7-9 Second/layer (0.05 mm) , 5-20 mm/hour
Printing Technology 4K LCD Light Curing
Wavelength 402.5-405nm
Connectivity USB、wifi
Operating System Linux
Software Support Windows 7 or up (64 bit)
Operation Screen Touchscreen
3D Data Format STL
Supported Material Rigid Resin, Hard Resin, Tough Resin, ABS Resin, etc.
Feeding System Auto Detection, Auto Feeding and Resin Forewarning
Capacity of the Material Box 1kg*2 (with two resin vats)
Spot Size 0.0081mm²(0.09mm)
Forming Precision ±0.1mm(L≤100mm)或±0.1% xL(L>100mm)
Layer Thickness 0.05、0.1、0.15mm
Isolation Technology Automatic Tilt Separation
Voltage 110/220V
Power 600W

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