Sweetin 3D Desktop Food Chocolate Printer

Delicate Food 3D Printer

Create More Than Sweet

Wiiboox Sweetin 3D chocolate printer is a innovative application of advanced 3D printing technology in the food industry which can lead you into a new business model.

Easy Operation

Free and easy-to-use downloadable software

It’s super easy to use! Just load the mold files into the machine and start printing. Users can control the process of printing in real time using the 3.67 ” full colour touch screen. It’s a magic chocolate converter, turn all your creative DIY ideas into delicious cool and funny treats! Prepare the easy to use software and upload it to the machine and then start printing!



Medical grade
reusable tube


Auto leveling

Adjustable printing speed and temperature

Due to real-time temperature control, every little change is controllable. This not only make your work more exquisite superior, but also to protect the nutritional ingredients from damage.

Auto leveling

Auto leveling, the first layer is the foundation of any good 3D print. Wiiboox Sweetin calibrates itself completely automatically to save you time and to guarantee a perfect foundation for every print.

Dark chocolate

White chocolate

Mashed potato

Fruit Jam


White bean paste

Cream candy

Purple potato mud

You want to experiment with your own foods?

More than 20 different foods from various categories has been shaped.Which can be printed with high quality and precision:including sweets,meat,milk products and dough.

You want to experiment with your own foods?

The secret of successful 3D food items lies in the right consistency and formula in combination with the settings. Vary for instance the temperature, speed and layer height and find the settings suitable for your foods.You can try.


Bring imagination to dance in cake. Expanding your portfolio of serving plates.


Print new commercial stunt,Personalized little gift for clients

DIY Explore

Let creativity burst in family atmosphere. Each meal dessert prepared with lovely exclusive individual creations. Even layman can create delicate dessert.




Net weight




Printing Size

110mm x 110mm x 75mm

Positioning Accuracy

XY Axis:0.1/100mm Z Axis:0.01/100mm E Axis:0.01/100mm

Nozzle Diameter


Nozzle Quantity


Printing Speed


File Formats


Printing Ingredients Usual Pinhead Size(mm) Extrusion Head Temperature(℃) Default Speed (%) Printing Maximum Height(cm) Pumpback Volume (mm) Retracting Speed (mm/s)
Dark Chocolate 0.6-0.84 37 100 8.5 2 50
White Chocolate 0.6-0.84 33 100 8.5 2 50
Biscuits 0.84 Normal Temperature 100 7 2 50
Creamy Candy 0.84 Normal Temperature(Winter35) 100 10 2 50
Mashed Potato 0.6-0.84 Normal Temperature 100 3 2 50
Jam 0.84 Normal Temperature 100 9 2 50
Minced Meat 0.84 Normal Temperature 100 9 2 50

Wiiboox Sweetin Product Video

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