Wiiboox M600 FFF

Wiiboox M600

FFF Industrial Grade 3D Printer
High Accuracy, Huge Build Volume, Various Filament Compatible

Industrial Manufacturing FFF 3D Printer

Wiiboox Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Huge Build Volume

Liquid-cooled Dual Nozzle

Various Filament Compatible

High Accuracy

High Speed Liquid-cooled Dual Nozzle

Wiiboox M600 is equipped with a high-speed liquid-cooled dual nozzle, of which temperature could be up to 450 ° C. It supports a variety of filaments, including water-soluble support filament and high-strength carbon fiber filament. The wear-resistant corundum nozzle greatly prolongs the life of the nozzle in printing high-strength materials such as carbon fiber, and at the same time ensures the printing accuracy for long-term production.

Forming Room with High Temperature and Huge Build Volume

Breaking through the traditional restrictions, M600 can print 400mm*400mm*600mm large objects in a cavity that can reach a temperature of 140℃ ensuring the integrity of the print. At the same time, M600’s precise control system for the temperature in the cavity can make the local temperature difference less than 5℃, provide a good molding environment for the printing of high-performance engineering plastics, and greatly assure the success of printed parts.

Vacuum Adsorption Plate

The vacuum plate of M600 is equipped with the corresponding bottom film for different printing materials. The warping deformation at the bottom of the printed part is avoided, and taking the prints off the plate easily can be realized, which avoids the trouble that the high-temperature material is too tightly stuck to the plate.

High Accuracy Components

High-precision servo motors, grinding-grade ball screws and guides, imported timing belts, and high-strength steel frames. Assuring best performance, the stability of the equipment during long-term production is guaranteed.

Material of Support

The M600 stably supports the industrial line of Polymaker Industrial’s industrial materials, including nylon and polycarbonate.

Material Type Description Features

C501 Polycarbonate (PC) Outstanding heat resistance, high light transmittance, formula design suitable
for 3D printing
C515 Flexible Polycarbonate (PC) Outstanding toughness and interlayer adhesion, formula design suitable for 3D
C515FR Flame Retardant Polycarbonate (PC) UL94V-0 flame retardant rating
Polylactic acid

(PLA) series
L1001 High-quality polylactic acid (PLA) with patented anti-blocking technology
(Jam-Free ™) developed by Polymaker
Excellent printing performance, biodegradable, low cost
L3001 Polylactic acid (PLA)with high toughness Extremely tough, excellent printing performance
L3003 Polylactic acid (PLA), with high rigidity and high toughness High toughness and stiffness, excellent printing performance
L7001 Polylactic acid (PLA)with high toughness Special surface texture and density are 30% -40% lower than ordinary polylactic
acid (PLA)
N703CB 3D printing material developed based on PA 6/66 copolymerwith outstandingheat
resistance, mechanical propertiesand printing properties
Outstanding mechanical properties and excellent heat resistance
N703CB-RK PA 6/66 copolymer 3D printed material reinforced with nano-clay, has good
dimensional stability and stiffness
Nanoclay reinforced, significantly improved stiffness and dimensional stability
N712 3D printing materials based on PA12 Minimal residual stress and excellent printing performance, insensitive to
N600 3D printed materials based on PA 6 with outstanding mechanical and thermal
Outstanding mechanical properties, excellent heat resistance, and high cost
N600GF25 3D printing material developed based on glass fiber reinforced PA 6 Outstanding heat resistance and dimensional stability, high cost performance
N600CF20 3D printing material developed based on carbon fiber reinforced PA 6 Outstanding heat resistance, significantly improved strength and dimensional
Materials of
SU301 Suitable for water-soluble 3D printing support materials such as PLA, PA, PVB Water-soluble, suitable for materials such as PLA, Nylon and PVB
S02N Alcohol-soluble 3D printing support material for PA12 and other PA series
Soluble in alcohol
S01 Suitable for easily peelable 3D printing support materials such as PLA Suitable for PLA and other materials, direct peeling, easy to remove
Special materials SP701 Polishable 3D printing material based on polyvinyl butyral (PVB) Together with Polysher ™ developed by Polymaker, it can make the prints have a
smooth surface texture.
SP801C 3D printed materials developed for traditional investment casting With Polysher ™ developed by Polymaker, it can make the prints have smooth
surface texture and extremely low ash content (~ 0.003%)
ABS01 3D printing materials based on ABS, with excellent printing performance and less
printing odor
Excellent printing performance, only a small amount of odor is released during
printing, and low cost
TE100 3D printing material based on thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE), hardness
is 40D
Outstanding print performance

Customer Cases

Wiiboox M600 3D printer which applied in many fields , support multiple of filaments .

Material : PLA(Polylactic Acid )

Size : 220X220X100mm

Craft : Fused Filament manufacturing

Material properties : PLA material is biodegradable ,low cost ; and they have extremely high toughness and stiffness , Strong plasticity , High molding rate

Material : ABS

Size : ≤ 300x300x400mm

Craft : Fused Filament manufacturing

Material properties : TPU flexible consumables have good resilience, resistance to bending and twisting, high gloss, resistance to grease and abrasion, suitable for slow printing.

Material : PVA( polyvinyl alcohol )

Size : ≤ 300x300x400mm

Craft : Fused Filament manufacturing

Material properties : Nylon consumables have high toughness, rigidity, and impact resistance, and are suitable for printing workpieces with high requirements for fatigue resistance, such as reused buckles and friction fit inserts .

Printing Filament: PC (Polycarbonate)

Printing Size: 100*65*40mm

Craft : Fused Filament manufacturing

Material properties : PC consumables are high hardness, toughness, impact resistance, high light transmittance and transparency, and good gloss; and they are resistant to high temperatures and ultraviolet rays and easy to store.


Printing Size (mm)

Single Nozzle:450*400*600mm;Dual Nozzle:400*400*600mm

Machine Size

1300*800*1986 mm (Upper light assembled)

Packing Size

1600*1000*2000 mm

Net Weight

400 kgs


200-240VAC, 50/60Hz



Print Technology

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)


Steel Frame

Building Plate Temperature

0~160 ℃

Chamber temperature

0~140 ℃

Nozzle Size

Standard 0.4mm, Optional: 0.2/0.6/0.8/1.0mm

Nozzle Temperature

0~450℃ (Water Cooling Extruder)

Number of Extruders


Layer Thickness

0.2mm nozzle: 0.02mm to 0.15mm
0.4mm nozzle: 0.02mm to 0.3mm
0.6mm nozzle: 0.02mm to 0.45mm
0.8mm nozzle: 0.02mm to 0.6mm
1.0mm nozzle: 0,02mm to 0.75mm

Filament Diameter


Filament Material Options


Building Plate

Vacuum Adsorption

Printing Speed


Travel Speed


X/Y/Z axis Motor

Servo Motor

Positioning Resolution

X/Y axis :2 micron
Z axis :1 micron

Printing Accuracy


Print Preparation

Simplify 3D

Input File Type


Operation System

Windows/Mac OS/Linux

Output File Type



7″ touch screen

File transfer








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